About Me


I was born during a cold winter in a small town in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia to Italian immigrant parents. My father had first embarked from Italy to Australia in the 1950’s in search of work leaving my mother and baby sister behind in the care of his parents. Europe was still suffering the effects of the Second World War, so countries like Australia, the America’s and Africa offered opportunities for Europeans to for find a better life. Literally, thousands of shiploads of young men, women and children did so creating a cultural tsunami.


While my father’s parents could hardly afford to feed themselves and my father’s two sisters, my mother worked in sewing factories as well as helping with the cleaning and cooking in the home. My mother must have sometimes wondered if my father would ever come back, as it was often months before a letter or news would arrive from Australia. My father eventually found long-term work in the Australian Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme Project with other migrants from all over the world, servicing drilling rigs used in the tunnels. About two years later, he had saved enough money to return to Italy to bring my mother and sister out to Australia by ship to start a new life together living in the cabin sites established for the workers. These sites were located in the desolate mountains near the hundreds of kilometres of excavation sites and tunnels required to divert water to the many dams that would drive the generators to provide electricity for the south east coast of Australia. About a year later, well that was when I was born.


It was a very dangerous job with over 128 workers losing their lives during this project. When I was about two years old my parents moved on to find safer work in Sydney. They first lived in a rented garage owned by another Italian family and were eventually able to mortgage a small house in the southern Sydney suburbs. Two more brothers were born in the following years and the whole family have lived in the same area ever since, except one brother who moved to Dubai with his wife and two children about 15 years ago for work.


While growing up my parents encouraged us all to learn music. I learnt Mandolin, Guitar, Clarinet, and Saxophone. During my schooling years, I was in a number of different types of bands, choirs and ensembles, and then while at university, I played in a number of garage bands including one called “Late Night’s”. I soon became interested in singing and writing my own songs. I had a few of these eventually recorded and played on a Radio Station demo tape program and in later years had some others added to various independently produced compilation albums. I also got some top 25 placings in various local and international song writing competitions. However, I made the decision to study biomedical science and got a job in a Pathology Laboratory operating and maintaining computerised clinical blood testing equipment. It was after doing this for a few years I changed career path to Computer Software development and eventually set up my own company. Most of that part of my working career was involved with another type of writing i.e., computer software. I independently developed a specialised decision support system and had many customers in Australia and Hong Kong. However eventually that business was pushed out of the market, by large corporations and I had to take other IT related jobs in administrative and technical support type roles.


During these times, I got married, had three children and a home mortgage. As most of us know the demands of raising a family and keeping a one-man business going, did not leave me much spare time, so writing, playing and recording music became less frequent for some time. However, I did find time to join various song writing associations that provided workshops and other opportunities to learn and meet with other songwriters. In the last 10 years or so now, I have gradually devoted more time (and money) to my music passion using what I have learnt and experienced so far in my life to grow my passion for making music into a career that I can continue through to my retirement and beyond. Ha ha ha ha when I can afford to retire that is!


Living happily in Australia for my entire life has sheltered me largely from the mentality and sense of fear that comes with living close to war and cultural conflict. However, when I was about 16 years old I had an impacting glimpse of the reality of the terrorism and international aggression. My father and I were on an international flight somewhere over the Middle East heading back to Australia from a holiday with our extended family in Italy, when the Pilot announced that we had been “ordered” to make an unscheduled landing. We landed in the dead of night, and the plane taxied to the end of a runway and stopped near some buses, cars and a military tank. The Crew then advised all passengers were to leave all hand luggage except our passports on board, to leave the plane quickly and board the buses pulled up alongside of the plane. I recall how shocked and scared I was walking down the steps from the plane noticing soldiers surrounded us with machine guns pointed. The buses took us to a building where we were all passport checked and body searched in individual change rooms, herded back into the bus and taken back to the plane. The Pilot announced we were ready to leave and there was resounding applause! With nothing further said about the incident, we took off as if it was a routine procedure.


The apparent increase in the frequency of tragic terrorist and mass murder events occurring around the world including in Australia has been putting that same feeling of fear I had at the top of those stairs leading down from the plane into the back of my mind. I started noticing the sentiment in my friends, the community and media as a whole in response to these tragic events. This growing fear that we are no longer safe just living our lives doing the things we normally do. This growing fear of anyone who is a bit different or from another community or speaks another language wants to cause us harm. I have become sick of hearing about these events in the world and the way people are responding. We are all forgetting we all have the same right to have and want “peace and love” in our communities and these communities need to co-exist and share something common in one global community.


It is my belief that it is “Not all right” to suspect, blame, shame and hate others we do not even know. To want and plan revenge and antagonism, to separate our communities with an “us and them” mentality, to racially discriminate. We must not become complacent or accepting these things should become “facts of life” or worse a “way of life”, and so I decided to do something to help get rid of that fear in the back of my mind. To give others and myself, a reminder there is a better way to live. Further and more importantly, I want to show that fundamentally, all cultures share the same want for peace and love.


Thus, my new song “All we want”, is the message I want to share. It is intentionally a simple repetitive song, easily translatable into other languages and styles of music, and I needed to prove this, so I collaborated with two other artists from other cultural backgrounds to produce and publish the first versions of my song in English, French and Italian. Indeed, I am now collaborating with the world acclaimed Arabic Singer/Composer Ismael Fadel to produce two more versions of the song in Arabic and Spanish. Therefore, it is now only a matter of time, before it is available in many other languages.

Thanks you if you read this far! hahaha ! indeed thank you if you even came to this page, so I invite you to also visit my Facebook Musician page  https://www.facebook.com/RobertoFabianProductions142

Thank you so much and I wish you a peaceful and loving life!.